PurityPlus® Grade 6.0 Gases by ILMO Products Company: More Production, Improved Economics

Critical gas customers must have high-quality Carrier Gases for chromatography and any application involving analytics. Delivering these gases ought to be a primary capability of any specialty gas producer. Over the past forty years, both the limited detection abilities of conventional technology and ever improving analytical methods have rightly put more demand on these gases. The gas specifications that took care of 1970s needs properly might well prove unsatisfactory as this century progresses. Meeting or transcending upgraded specs demands an unbroken investment by the gas supplier – in instrumentation and purification equipment, in training to coax maximum performance from these methods, and in frequent review, testing, and corroboration of manufacturing and quality methodologies. In order to continue anticipating your needs, we are expanding our ability to manufacture and certify the gases you require now and are likely to require in the months and years ahead.

What, then, are you buying? What are you measuring? And what advantages do you gain by purchasing the highest-purity gas your finances allow? Let’s review the PurityPlus Specifications.

PurityPlus Helium,         UHP, 5.0                        Ultra Carrier, 5.5                       Chromatographic, 6.0

Minimum Purity            99.999%                        99.9995%                                  99.9999%

Oxygen                        < 2 ppm                       < 1 ppm                                   < 0.5 ppm

Moisture                       < 2 ppm                       < 1 ppm                                   < 1 ppm

Hydrocarbons              <0.5 ppm                     < 0.5 ppm                                < 0.2 ppm

Nitrogen                                                          < 4 ppm                                   < 1 ppm

Carbon Monoxide                                                                                           < 0.1 ppm

Carbon Dioxide                                                                                               <0.1 ppm

What’s the upshot here? If you’re process measuring with components in percentage ranges, 5.0 gases are most likely acceptable. If you’re measuring impurities in the 10–1,000 ppm range, you’ll realize a flatter baseline and more accurate measurements using 5.5 gases. And if you’re performing contaminant detection and quantification below 10 ppm, you’d be better served using 6.0. That said, it isn’t only about adhering to standards. It’s also about our process. Are your cylinders pre-treated to prevent later contamination from sidewall corrosion and degassing? Ours are. Are the instruments used to verify these specifications continually calibrated using traceable standards? Ours are. And can this calibration be documented? Ours can.
If you’re a Springfield user of high-purity gases, PurityPlus® by ILMO Products Company should be your top choice. We’ve committed a considerable amount of our financial resources to developing both tools and people. We actively participate in an extensive round-robin program to check out our capabilities. We constantly audit ourselves by benchmarking against other producers and turning to a third-party auditing group to analyze us. And, unlike a lot of our competitors, we can supply your gas requirements locally – doing everything from fielding whatever questions you have, to creating and delivering your gases and equipment, to solving any misunderstanding or error however unlikely. Look over every option you have. Then phone ILMO Products Company today at (217) 245-2183 or contact us online. We can serve every one of of your specialty gas needs from right here in Springfield!