Is Cryotherapy Right for You?

As of late here in Springfield there has been much talk about a new physical therapy treatment known as Cryotherapy. Athletes and entertainers including Lebron James, Mandi Moore and Jessica Alba all attest to the benefits of this fairly new therapy. But what is cryotherapy and why is it receiving seemingly plenty of press here in Springfield and across the country?

Cryotherapy is a non-medical treatment that uses extreme cold to produce health benefits. There are 2 types of cryotherapies available in Springfield and nationwide; electric cryotherapy and liquid nitrogen cryotherapy. Electric Cryotherapy uses fresh, oxygenated air to cool the entire body. Liquid Nitrogen Cryotherapy uses liquid nitrogen vapors as its cooling method. The temperature range for both versions of Cryotherapy are between -165 degrees and -256 degrees Fahrenheit. Since the temperatures are well below freezing, ILMO Products Company recommends that each treatment session not go longer than 3 minutes and should only be once a day. Cryotherapy sessions can range in price from $40 to $100.

Proponents of regular Cryotherapy treatment claim that it can help with joint and muscle pain after strenuous workouts or for those suffering from arthritis and fibromyalgia, aid in weight loss, reduce inflammation and reduce the effects of anxiety and depression. It is also said to lower the risk of developing cancer, however there is currently no evidence that it can treat cancer once it has developed.

The medical community does not seem as keen to jump on the Cryotherapy band wagon. Recent studies have said Cryotherapy offers no real evidence of benefits. Meanwhile, the FDA has referred to this treatment somewhat cynically in calling it a “so-called treatment” and stating that it “lacks evidence.” Another aspect of this treatment to consider: there are currently guidelines in place for Cryotherapy treatment centers, but those guidelines are rarely, if ever, enforced. Also since there is no formal training certification process, safety standards can vary widely.

Whether or not Cryotherapy treatment is right for you, will be up to you and your doctor to decide. As with any treatment, you should consult your doctor and insure that this treatment is safe for you.

To learn more about the gases used in Cryotherapy treatment please contact ILMO Products Company.